Personality Law

Fundamental and inalienable rights inherent in the human person, personality rights are defined as those rights that ensure the protection of the attributes of the personality (privacy, image, voice) and guarantee its moral integrity.

Protection of your image

Protected in particular by the Thai Commercial and Civil Code (CCC), everyone's right to respect for his or her private life requires a permanent conciliation with the right to freedom of expression, freedom of the media and the right to information.

Personal rights are particularly affected by new technologies (e.g. video surveillance, geolocation) and the ease of publication on the Internet.

As they require a high degree of responsiveness, infringements of personality rights give rise to specific actions, in particular in summary proceedings.

Drafting and negotiation of contracts such as:

  • Contracts for the exploitation of personality rights (voice, image, name, etc.);

  • Agency contract (artistic agency, model and sports agency).

  • Representation in proceedings aimed at bringing an end to all types of infringements (privacy, image rights), in particular through emergency procedures in summary proceedings, on all media (Internet: social networks and blog; written press, audiovisual...).