Advertising law is a complex and changing law: the legal provisions and applicable legislation must adapt to the evolution of advertising communication techniques (and in particular to communication with new media: social networks, mobile phone advertising, etc.).

The regulations applicable to advertising affect different areas of law: Commercial law, consumer law, competition law, intellectual property law.

Regulations are constantly evolving

It is necessary both to ensure compliance with the legislation requiring the use of the Thai language, to take care not to convey a message likely to mislead the consumer and not to risk incrimination for misleading advertising, etc.

The rules relating to one-off promotions (reductions, liquidations, sales, private sales) are very specific, as are those relating to promotions in the context of contests or lotteries.

Finally, the promotion of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products is extremely limited, and these limits may have indirect repercussions and may affect trademark holders of such signs, which are registered for products and services unrelated to alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

The second brand was therefore cancelled because it prevented the first brand from carrying out its activity calmly by carrying out advertisements.

Validation of advertising campaigns and promotional operations (contests, lotteries) with regard to Thai and ASEAN legislation (in particular direct or indirect advertising for alcoholic beverages or tobacco) and applicable professional rules (Consumer Protection Act of B.E. 2522, etc.).

Assistance in setting up partnerships, sponsorship contracts with personalities, and in the creation and operation of information or promotional campaigns.

Drafting and negotiation of contracts for advertising stakeholders such as:

  • Contract for the commissioning of advertising works;
  • Advertising consulting agency contract;
  • Advertising network contract;
  • Rules of competition games.

Assistance and representation in all litigation relating to these sectors of activity (advertising use of a third party's image, or brand, misleading commercial practices, comparative advertising, etc.).