Intellectual Property

JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY is specialized in intellectual property law and thus assists its clients in both literary and artistic property law and industrial property law.

Intellectual property, a strategic issue

Intellectual property is a major issue for the successful development of the activity of companies and creators. This is a branch of law covering both industrial property (trademark law, design law, etc.), literary and artistic property (copyright, neighboring rights, etc.) and IT law.

These intangible rights have important specificities and the related problems require to be dealt with by lawyers specialized in intellectual property, able to provide the most appropriate solutions.

The consideration of the various intellectual property rights is essential at all stages of a company's development, whether as part of the day-to-day management of its activity, for project launches, or in the event of disputes with third parties. The challenges of intellectual property in the digital environment appear all the more essential to master.

Protecting your rights

Some intellectual property rights are acquired by simple creation (copyright). Others require filing with Thai or international offices (trademark law, design law).

To optimize the protection of its clients' creations, JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY lawyers assist them in developing trademark and design filing strategies both in Thailand and abroad with the support of their local correspondents.

In order to secure your filing projects, the JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY intellectual property attorneys are able to carry out prior art searches in order to determine in advance whether a filing is appropriate with regard to any prior rights held by third parties.

We also assess the validity of the trademark and branding so that our clients can capitalize on distinctive signs that they can effectively protect.

Enhance the value of your intellectual heritage

JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY lawyers assist their clients with audits, evaluations and valuations of their intellectual property assets.

We also offer training and awareness-raising operations on the protection and respect of intellectual property for all your teams.

Negotiate and draft contracts as well as possible

The firm's expert intellectual property lawyers advise you on how to optimize the exploitation of your rights. The Firm has developed expertise in negotiating and drafting trademark licensing agreements and coexistence agreements with trademark owners that could infringe your rights.

Finally, JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY intellectual property attorneys regularly draft all types of rights assignments, including assignments relating to websites developed by third parties or to the creation of interior design for sales spaces (with architects).

We also assist franchisors in drafting charters to ensure that franchisees respect intellectual property.

Monitor your rights and protect your e-reputation

In order to ensure the durability of your rights and to guarantee the peaceful exploitation of your trademarks, JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY offers services to monitor all possible infringements of your titles and rights.

To this end, the specialist lawyers of JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY carry out monitoring missions among the other securities deposited by third parties, as well as careful monitoring of any unauthorised use of your rights on the Internet and in particular through new means of communication (social networks, blogs etc.). In this respect, JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY assists its clients in protecting their e-reputation.

Defend your rights

JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY is able to represent you, both as plaintiff and defendant, before all Thai courts in matters of trademarks, designs, copyright or unfair competition for all types of intellectual property disputes (counterfeiting, nullity of titles, seizure and counterfeiting, etc.).

Similarly, JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY lawyers follow up your disputes abroad, in close collaboration with their local correspondents.

The lawyers of JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY also represent their clients in all administrative proceedings before the Industrial Property Offices (DIP, EUIPO, WIPO) and in mutual agreement proceedings relating to domain names (UDRP, URS).

E-Commerce and personal data

The Firm has developed expertise in e-commerce. The lawyers of JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY are able to advise you in the drafting of General Terms and Conditions of Sale and General Conditions of Use, to assist you in the management of online sales and private sales, as well as in all your procedures relating to the processing of personal data, in particular compliance with the PDPA and GDPR.