Fashion Law

Over the years, JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY has acquired a real expertise in fashion, luxury and design law by assisting its clients in the defence and protection of their rights and creations.

Expertise in fashion law

Our firm and its team of copyright lawyers support and advise many clients in the field of fashion and clothing in their creative process, from the first sketch of a model drawn on paper to its presentation to the public at fashion shows and in-store marketing.

The fashion and clothing sector is an extremely competitive sector in which our firm has developed a sharp expertise that it puts at the service of its international clients. The firm's lawyers anticipate the difficulties that their clients may face, analyze the issues that arise in order to provide personalized legal solutions tailored to each of the players in the fashion industry.

At each stage of the creation of a model, the firm's team strives to defend the rights of creators and protect the copyrights of designers and fashion companies against any infringement of their creations, and in particular against any counterfeiting.

The firm's fashion lawyers strive to preserve the uniqueness of each model and fashion show for their clients in order to prevent counterfeiting of a fashion show or artistic show from destroying the work, investments and reputation of their clients.

Expertise in luxury law

The luxury sector is a highly coveted sector and companies operating in this sector are subject to multiple attacks from competitors. Each of a company's intangible assets in the luxury sector must be protected and rigorously defended in order to preserve its attractiveness.

JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and its lawyers specialising in luxury law have acquired an in-depth knowledge of luxury law, enabling its clients to benefit from tailor-made legal advice tailored to the specificities of this unique sector.

In particular, the luxury brand is the most powerful distinctive sign of a company in the luxury sector, which must be protected from any dilution. Our firm assists its clients to ensure the protection of their luxury brands in the countries where they are operated but also develops appropriate strategies in countries where companies are not yet established in order to enable them to establish themselves in these new countries with confidence.

Expertise in design law

Over the past few years, design has become a real marketing element for companies that invest a lot of resources to present aesthetic and unique products. Design is therefore the external aspect of the product, the one that will guarantee the origin of the product but also trigger the act of purchasing the product.

Design thus represents a real added value for companies, a real strategic challenge that must be protected. JUSLAWS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY works with many clients in various fields of activity in order to safeguard the specific identity of each design.

Our firm and its team assist clients upstream of each project to preserve the confidentiality of the design developed by companies right up to the design production phase. The firm's lawyers also determine the best way to protect and defend design thanks to their in-depth knowledge of trademark, copyright and design law.